Saturday, March 23, 2013

Taming the mind - Part VI

A butterfly begins its life on a leaf that is vibrant and green
The leafy home is heaven till wings give it flight
A human is a tiny speck in the endless void of space unseen
The earth is home so long as the mind dreams into the night

A newborn baby is graced by the mother’s touch
Hands that are soft as silk cradle life
The newborn clings on as a caterpillar on a leafy crutch
Moving on all fours a human enters the jungle of life

The body is free as long as the legs have their might
Worldly lights appear to strengthen the mind for the voyage ahead
At the journeys end the cold earth is a steady witness to the body’s plight
The secret to the treasures of the mind remain unsaid

The caterpillar wisely stays on the leaf despite having many legs
Wings of freedom set the butterfly free from its nest
The human mind flaps its wings chasing fantasies
Wisdom dawns when the wings of the mind are laid to rest

Wings of a butterfly take it from the bondage of a cocoon to freedom
Wings of fantasy take the human mind from freedom to bondage


The human mind can be compared to the roots of a tree. A tree root is generally hidden underground. The human mind is also not visible to the naked eye. The root is the basis of a tree. The mind is the basis for the body. The root supplies water and nutrients to the tree, provides stability and also stores nutrients for later use. The mind draws in nourishment in the form of sensory inputs, it provides a sense of direction and purpose to our lives. Memories and experiences are like stored mental nutrients that we can draw upon whenever we chose to do so.