Sunday, August 30, 2015

Training the mind - 15

There’s happiness in emptiness
When vision isn’t obstructed by fear
Parachuting in through thought
Invasion of loneliness multiplies wants

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu

Everyone is looking for a certain depth of experience in life. Without that depth, be it through emotions, intellect or enjoyment, we may as well be robots and not humans. Our nature is to seek happiness and that is the deepest of all experiences, as it is the basis for anything we do. Any thought that makes an impression on one's mind creates that depth. But a thought, no matter how deep cannot penetrate the bottom of the mind and see beyond the mind. That is, thought which is the product of the mind cannot be bigger than the mind. Each thought represents a portion of the mind. It is a mere reflection. Just as one cannot feel the heat of the sun by dipping a hand in its reflection on a lake, one cannot experience the whole of the mind through thought. Going from the reflection that thought is, one needs to have a direct perception of the source, if the mind is to be truly understood.

The blueprint

Coming alive in a holographic reality
Few things are a certainty
Trying to appease the seen and the unseen
The mind fails to come clean

When groomed as a divisive ruler
It can become a conceited double dealer
Creating a ruinous projection of the macrocosm
While enriching its own make believe microcosm

Separated from the great silence
By an invisible wall of Hadrian, that keeps out violence
Emanating from a thought ridden enclave
That can easily enslave

Sight is limited to the low
Which the mind is eager to know
Becoming a distracted power
Shunning its true home high in the tower

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Free thinkers

Fear may be undone
When the tussle with ignorance is won
Not through battle hardened grit
But by a free thinker’s spirit

Now there’s little threat of heresy
As more are indifferent to prophesy
Enmeshed in the mundane
Making this adventure very plain

Dousing any excitement that could be had
Thoughts are difficult to change when they’re ironclad
In their pursuit of virtue and fear of sin
For mankind, both have always been

Going back to any ancient riverine tribe
Historians may thus describe
As bereft of advances in science
Sticking to superstitions in defiance

Friday, August 28, 2015


Walking on this rock
That’s bound time in a lock
New shoes carelessly stomp on the archaic
Forgetting life thus far has been far from prosaic

Living in time’s good books for a generation
Is not a permanent foundation
The old and new meet everyday
A reminder, one’s time will decay

Time does not delay
It has no fears to allay
Part of the life’s bedrock
It cannot be stopped with sweet talk

The clock may run slow
If the mind does not stow
Thoughts of a kind
That surreptitiously bind

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wings to freedom

A trusting Icarus’s sorry plight
His wings of freedom could not right
The lesson for feathers of pride
A lonely fall cannot be denied

It was not the treachery of the wind
But it was the sun that skinned
Wings off his back
As he plunged like a lead sack

The enormity of his feat
Would not find takers for a repeat
His name endures
Immortalized, unlike mine or yours

Mind yearns to be timeless
Even as the body loses attractiveness
When the bait of life is taken
That struggle cannot be shaken

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Holding true

The hard slog is done
Somewhere within there’s a memory of that run
The many twists and turns our forefathers have borne
Have bettered current lives, but we continue to mourn

Happiness isn’t a gift of the stars
Or like gold bought in bazaars
Synonymous with truth
Unmoved whether life is rough or smooth

Truth isn’t waiting to be excavated
It’s everywhere once thoughts are sated
It is a pathless land
That was a philosopher’s final stand*

The moon stands witness to every age with a name
In ours, truth is relinquished for fame
Bought and sold like grapes off a vine
Forgetting the body is a shrine of the divine

Monday, August 17, 2015

Training the mind - 14

Cloudless sky, a spectacle the almanac fears
Vision of the heaven to some, but farmers wish otherwise
Vagrant clouds spilling their guts may bring welcome relief
But roots look elsewhere, their success is in the depths

“Modern science is based on the principle, ‘Give us one free miracle and we will explain the rest.’ And the one free miracle is the appearance of all the matter and energy of the universe, and all the laws that govern it, from nothing in a single instant.” (Terence McKenna)

Time is a concept that is hardwired into our mind. The question of what time is has never been satisfactorily answered. We use time as a measure and using that ‘miracle’ of time we have come to define the past, present and future. And by an extension of that, nothing in life as we know it may exist without time. From the perspective of the mind, the past is what that senses have already perceived, the present is what the senses are currently perceiving and the future is what the senses will in all probability perceive. Ordinarily mind looks at time in this way. What the senses perceive in real time is what we refer to as the present. It is constantly changing and is an insignificant fraction of time. The mind conditioned by prior experiences and memories cannot relate to the world without the aid of the senses. While one is asleep or under the influence of deep anesthesia, the senses don’t operate and hence the awareness of the mind, conditioned or otherwise is absent. Even though ordinary waking consciousness may be absent, the living consciousness or the life principle is still very much present. In that state, the present reality may be negated from an individual’s perspective. Furthermore it cannot be said that reality does not continue to exist just because it is absent from one individual’s conscious perception. When the mind is on a break, time ceases to exist. Time brings depth and perspective to the mind. It is also the culprit that divides the ever present reality and starts the process of conflict within and amongst thoughts.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

From seed to seed

A tunnel with a roof of green
Through which light longs to gleam
Promises at the end are rich
If only one can stop the mental twitch

Leaves stand in attention
Like uniformed guards who don’t question
When the stride is right
The commander will surely come into sight

The tiny seed works in the silence of the night
Knowingly fully well a sturdy wood’s might
Great seafarers of yore
Would not be written in the mariner’s lore

But for those seeds
Which never surface to witness its deeds
Why would it see the need?
When planted in the right soil success is guaranteed

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

All that one is

Hanging on by a thread
Of thoughts that will not shed
Burrowing in the depth
Of a mind of infinite breadth

The make believe is all too real
How else would one sustain that zeal?
To bring home the bread
Hunger for more is what one must dread

A storm rages
Unchecked for ages
But the sun shines anyway
Waiting for change get underway

Layers of knowledge melded together
Held together by an invisible tether
That bond is hard to break
When it has taken lifetimes to make