Thursday, November 28, 2013


A day of remembrance and gratitude is here
For a bountiful harvest in the year that passed
Everybody partakes in a hearty feast
Banishing hunger is a noble goal

The body of man is fed by grain from the land
The power to give back lies within the mind
A detached witness cannot force its hand
A starving soul lives with a mind that does not share

Ingredients for the feast are assembled with care
The gift of fire helps a cook display his tricks
A spread that fills is gladly shared
Everyday is an opportunity to care

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Soul of a Tree

There isn’t an heir to this world of air
Beings spring alive in vacuum’s void
Every breath, a treasure taken for granted
Yearning for a heaven, the golden world is ignored

Eyes are kissed by an invisible breeze
The soul of all life hides from curious eyes
Making an entrance in the breath of life
To this wealthy merchant, every mortal is an equal

The cycle of life is orchestrated fun
In the mind’s world, that concept’s rare
A creative realm, can be a devil’s lair
Laced with joy, it unlocks heaven’s gate

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Melting Pot

One hundred men, all brave at heart
United by an adventurous past
Biding their time in a corner of the world
A land insulated by desolation and ice

These men of valor, seen from time to time
Every generation has offered a guard of honor
A friendly chat will not reveal a past that’s dark
Kings of deception, they appear at night