Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding stability in changing times

Last week I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine, Len Doherty. Len was kind enough to allow me to use our discussion as the basis for this post. Looking at the storyboard of Len’s life, I think everyone would agree that it is one of a very successful man. In his early 20s, he played professional soccer for Arsenal in the English Premier League. After injuries curtailed his soccer career, he founded Horizon Optical, which is now a leading independent prescription company in the UK ( He has a wonderful family and has achieved virtually every goal he set himself.

But, Len said that something was missing. He said that he was having a little difficulty adjusting to the fact that things around him were changing. He is now 62 and transitioning out of something he had worked hard at for over 30 years. His children have grown up and are leading their independent lives.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breaking a habit: A true story

We learn a lot from day to day interactions with people. I happened to have one such interaction that reinforced my notion that every habit, however strong can be overcome. I was visiting a hospital in Ohio recently and while making morning rounds we were asked to see J.M. who was admitted with a serious heart condition brought on by illicit drug use. As I walked into the room, J.M. immediately burst out saying “don’t look at me as if I have a drug problem, I am a normal human being just like everyone else”. After proceeding with the examination and going over his plan of treatment, I wondered if his opening statement would give me an opportunity to pry into his drug habit. I then proceeded to ask him what his circumstances were right before he came into the hospital.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thought = Matter x (Consciousness). Part 2: The role of the mind

In the previous post, we deduced an equation linking thought energy with experiences derived from matter or the physical world. The common thread linking thought and matter is consciousness or awareness. Hence the formula,

Thought = Matter x (Consciousness).

While considering the concept that consciousness links thought energy and experiences derived from matter, we have to also contend with the human mind. Defining the mind is not easy. In both ancient and modern philosophical viewpoints, there have been many theories and ideas regarding the mind. Mind is not something that can be collected, measured and placed in a bottle with a label. Yet it exists and plays a very prominent role in our lives. When we are born, everyone comes into the world with a physical form and an entity called the mind. Our bodies change gradually, while our minds can change in a fraction of a second. We are “stuck” with two changing forms.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thought = Matter x (Conciousness) or T= MC

We exist in an energy spectrum. This energy spectrum is manifested in the form of electromagnetic energy. The two aspects of electromagnetism are electricity and magnetism. These two components are interrelated and interchangeable. A strong electric field generates magnetism and a changing magnetic field generates electricity. The light by which we can see is a form of electromagnetic energy. Other examples of electromagnetic energy are X-rays, microwaves, radio waves and ultraviolet rays. Electromagnetism is a universal phenomenon and is responsible for a lot of what we see in daily life. As a cardiologist, I use this electromagnetic energy in the form of x-rays to diagnose and treat problems related to the heart.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facing Hardship

I was asked recently to comment on hardships we face in life, whether it is necessary for our progress in the material and spiritual worlds and how to deal with difficulties in life.

As a physician, on a daily basis I see people dealing with hardship. When people come to physicians they usually have a worry about their health and well being or they may have a real health problem. Healthy people with no worries about their health have no need or desire to see doctors.

Hardships come on many levels and is a part and parcel of life. It may be at the physical level due to illness causing impairment, it may be a mental worry about something. Others may have hardships at a spiritual level. An example of this is someone who suffers ill luck at every turn in life would naturally ask the question, “why me and what have I done to deserve this fate?”.