Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sacred geometry

In the triangle of life, the equidistant point’s hard to reach
There is a way in, through a sonic key
Divined by bygone maestros, who serenaded the heavens
There’s room at that center point, it’s empty as the blue sky

We are kept waiting, by the colloquial circle
That keeps us in a race that’s yet to be called
Checkered flags go up all the time
We escape only through our civilized gasps

Looking glass

Tinged with the color of fame
By thoughts that seek to fit the frame
The focal length constantly changes
As does the entertainment

Balanced on a slippery slope
Held on by wrinkled furrows
Dividing our sight, into sweet and sour
When they go dark, there’s relief indeed


Clouds, they see it all
Changing dregs and desires
Of civilizations that come and go
And the beauty of nature’s seasonal outfits

Painted by brush strokes of wind and air
Every cloud is a new piece, of nature’s art
Missed by eyes that are soaked in logic
Which can’t explain the mind, eternally clouded in reason

Monday, April 10, 2017

Everything in nothing

The crucible of emptiness, effaced from sight
A graceful host or the womb of creation?
To which the stars and galaxies return
The apparition turns holy, when emptiness touches infinity

Safely lost in that cloud, sun and earth
The distance constant, held taut by strings of gravity
That gel of the universe, it gives and takes
Keeping us in place, like darts on a dartboard


If shadows could be eaten
They would not mate with light
Long or short, they welcome attention
Blurring lines, between rich and poor

They aren’t vain as mirrors
None can escape their pursuit
They don’t leave a stain
Either on the sky, or the ground


Footsteps reflect this orb’s many moods
From hardened stone, to swampy softness
Whether we tread heavy or light
Only fossilized footprints may last

The weight of our aura
A leady burden, or feathery freedom
It’s tears invisible, smile unseeable
Tethered to the old faithful, two bony feet

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Enhancing goal oriented productivity

The amount of geothermal energy within the earth’s crust is several thousand times that of accessible fossil fuel reserves. The energy from the sun’s rays is even greater. These forms of energy such as wind, solar and geothermal, although relatively expensive to use compared to fossil fuels, are inexhaustible. Despite this abundance, wars are have been fought over access to the known reserves of “cheap” but polluting fossil fuel to meet the world’s ever growing needs. However, as we further develop technologies to power our energy grids with renewable energy, the earth would be cleaner and tensions over ever diminishing finite resources we currently depend upon will end. The mind may be thought of as a microcosmic reflection of an inexhaustible source of energy such as the sun. Our daily struggles would be a forgotten thing of the past if we become skilled at harnessing the mind’s immense potential. Even without tapping into the depths of the mind, if the surface current is better organized and channeled, our day to day lives would  dramatically change for the better. We mostly use the mind to generate misery for ourselves and for others. That can easily be turned around and the same power may be directed towards uncovering inexhaustible wells of happiness within ourselves. There isn’t enough resources in the material world to make everyone happy, but with self generated happiness, there is more than enough capacity within every individual to share with the entire world.