Monday, May 25, 2015

Training the mind - 12

Fighting a whirlpool, head caressed by air
Legs chained by water
Arms helpless as a broken sail
The wise glide, like a bird above troubled waters

Often, the question comes up about the role of fate in our lives. To a lot of people, fate has come to stand for Forced Acceptance of The Event. At any given moment of time, we cannot change what is happening. We can only accept or reject a situation. To some people, a mechanism of acceptance is to bring fate into the equation. By this, one may avoid being troubled by a particular situation or life event, but it does not help one grow mentally.  Another method of acceptance is to consciously observe the situation and see what one can learn from it. By leaning on the concept of fate, we may miss the chance to learn from any given situation. Perhaps, our thoughts and actions in the past may have had something to do with the current situation. Or it may be a random event that comes as a complete surprise. But by simply blaming fate, we lose this chance of introspection. In general, to explain away events that we perceive as negative, we generally attribute them to fate. It creates a certain level of peace and comfort in one’s mind to bring fate into the equation to explain a negative life event.