Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our flag: A hidden dimension that unites

In just a few days, there is going to be a customary and orderly change of guard at the highest echelons of power not just for the United States but for all practical purposes the entire world. It may be seen as seismic and generational for some or it may be just another day at the office for others. Furthermore, it also offers renewed hope and optimism for many others. No matter where we are on the spectrum, our flag is the common ground on which we can come together. A flag has the power to make all eyes converge on one point. It is a symbol of unity that can be seen from all four directions. Nothing need be said and without outer prompting, patriotic fervor can easily well up in its presence. If we understand the higher dimension that a flag of a nation represents, it goes from being only a symbol of a country to something greater. It can become an active tool for change, guiding us on singular purpose of bringing about peace and prosperity not just in our respective countries but also the world at large. Peace may be compared to one’s right hand and prosperity to one’s left hand. When both hands meet in the middle it is a prayerful symbol. When peace and prosperity go hand in hand, it fulfills a deep seated desire in everyone’s mind regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion etc.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A stich, in time... (Part 1)

Since the invention of the sewing machine in the late 17th century, little has changed in how seams on our everyday clothing are held together. Thread continues to be the standard even today. Driven by a tiny needle, fabric of different shapes, sizes, colors are brought together thread by thread. Without the help of mechanized sewing, it would be hard to imagine manually stitching clothes for billions of people. Even with modern day machinery, a sewing needle is the focal point around which all other elements come together in creating a garment, as was the case in the very first sewing machines ever made. The imprint of a sewing needle is in every single stitch, and one needle can create so many different pieces of clothing. Consciousness may be compared to a sewing needle. Our lives are stitched together by its hidden hand, and it is reflected in every thought that comes across our mind space, in the words we utter and the actions we undertake. In every individual, the visible component of consciousness is evident in the body and the invisible part may be experienced as the mind and its various components.