Friday, December 19, 2014

Training the mind - 11

Shapes and shadows
Space is full of them
With room for everything
A star gazer is ever enthralled

We generally think of life as a circle. But the concept of time is not circular, it is more linear. We cannot go back to whatever may have happened in the past except through memories. And we can only travel into the future through fantasies. A lot of people unconsciously affirm to themselves that the present is boring, by dwelling either in the past or the future. Thus they create an imaginary circle that runs from the present to the past and the future and back to the present. Rather than being at the center of this imaginary circle, watching the play of thoughts do their thing, we allow ourselves to hitch a ride on this “time travel”.

Thoughts are very agile. Imagine one actor donning many roles, effortlessly morphing from one character to another. Now imagine this actor wearing a very colorful and intricate costume. A close up on any one part would appear very different from another. But when seen from a distance, the whole is seen and the intricate patterns seem to weave into one another. It no longer looks like an abstract design that is seen from up close, but a costume on an actor. Similarly looking at individual thoughts in isolation creates a pattern in the mind that may not be easily understood. But looking at the mind from a distance as a painting with many colors and patterns represented by the thoughts may give us a better perspective of it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dormant belief

Waters run deep
In the wells
Sustaining life
What we hold dear

Is protected by
Slippery walls promising
Much to those
Staying close

To these waters
Forgetting memories
Of great men
Appearing each generation

With bodies resembling ours
And minds like humane aliens
Reading a script wavering little
Unlike ebb and flow of civilizations past

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Raindrop in the mist

A cloudy descent
Casting a shroud
On grand maidens
Of nature, standing tall

Watching over the plains
Keeping cold winds at bay
Ragged peaks
Measuring up to the alpine

Way of life, a soul quenching
Trek above the tree line
Leaving the forests of thoughts
At the bases of mountains below

That cradle, the magic called life
Sprung from single celled
Ancestors, standing the test of time
Living in an invisible mist

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wine in a paper cup

Miles roll by with time
Is there an end in sight?
If there is, what’s beyond?
There’s never an easy answer

If you ask of life
Where probing with words
Only pretends to plumb its depths
That is, if one isn’t afraid

Of what’s hidden
In the vineyards of the mind
Throwing up fruits
Ripening on the vine of life

The taste of which
Brings up surprises
Showing even robust plans as
Weak and shallow