Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Falling Leaf

Little white wave on a deep blue ocean
Like a green leaf in the Amazon
A twinkling star in a milky galaxy
Like an emerald in a chest of diamonds

A great king once a helpless baby
Whose rule will be a fable in time
Unlike a thief of hearts who has no beginning
This is a storyteller’s dream without an end

Changing mores of men to come
Hidden in minds like water in trees
The rise of sap is a miracle of sorts
Any other way would be a fall from grace

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A letter written on water

A sculpted man chiseled from stone
Standing witness by the ocean shore
As rock turns to sand with a sculptor's blows
Letters in sand dissolve when water flows

A sculptor’s tool and the beak of a gull
One meets rock and the other water
Beauty arises from jagged stone as fish from sea
Transient are they as writing on water

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Windy Trident

Circling high above in the cosmic breeze
As toiling winds below move not but a blade of grass
Too important to even push a cloud
God of the wind lamented on his only son

Unlike brown mountains that appear blue from afar
A windy world morphed from the heavens above
The hills and dusty plains to turquiose waters
The wind god aided the ebb and flow of all life divine

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Five Elements of Heart Health

Talk given at Westminister Manor, Bradenton, FL on August 30, 2013

A patient of mine who had a heart bypass surgery about a year ago, came in last week for a follow up visit. Following her bypass she made an excellent recovery. When asked how she felt, she replied, “physically I feel great, but there is something that is different since my heart surgery”. When asked if she could describe in one word how she felt before her bypass and now a year since her bypass, she replied “ before the operation I felt invincible, now I feel vulnerable”. Although her physical body had healed fully, her psychological body was not healed.

Health and well being is a common goal for one and all. In all our thoughts and actions, we knowingly or unknowingly promote or destroy our health. When the body is healthy, we tend to forget about it and assume that it will stay that way forever. When the body is diseased, it makes a loud announcement in our minds, more severe the illness, the greater is the degree of worry in the mind. This is part of human nature that no one can avoid. Illnesses run the gamut from brief, self limiting colds to serious life threatening problems. It is virtually impossible to live a disease free life. However, by following certain simple principles of healthy living, it is certainly possible to avoid some serious illnesses.