Sunday, September 20, 2015

Training the mind - 17

The beauty of nature
Is beyond the reach of time
Caught in its throes
The mind appears far from perfect

The essence of life is achieving a lasting state of beauty and perfection. There is abundance of both in art and nature. Both are reflections, one of the individual mind and the other of the universal mind. When one stands in front of an imposing snow clad mountain for example, it is very common to be lost in complete awe of it's beauty and majesty. The same thing may happen when observing a beautiful work of art, or listening to deeply moving, soul stirring music.  Despite what may be going in one’s mind at that time stirred up by restless thoughts, for a few distinct moments there is complete peace. The mountain appears to have consumed the person standing in front of it. The same goes for other experiences such as music or art. As long as one is in front of it, one is lost in that beauty. The observer and the the observed are unified in the one experience. 

The cure

A disease that defies investigation
Unless there is a loss, of expectation
Difficult to detect like a camouflaged spot
It isn’t through a microscopic agent that it's caught

The vector is the mind
That’s always caught in a bind
Traveling on wheels that spin faster than time
Setting up conditions that are prime

For an affliction with one symptom
That usually is never fearsome
Like a prophesy
It is immune to common courtesy

Lunar scalpel

The rise and fall of tides
Is something the moon provides
Whipping up of the oceans
Is reflected in our emotions

Waxing and waning of the moon
Is a great boon
Not just to the sailors out at sea
But to those who seek the inner guarantee

Fullness and emptiness
Together provide unique awareness
Rise and fall of mind’s energy
Are both required for the remedy

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Training the mind - 16

The most sought after relationship
Rarely survives the test of patience
Thoughts ask a lot in return for pleasure
Unlike the monuments of nature

Can one have a close relationship without expectation? The easy answer is yes. Being individual entities, there is no getting around relationships of one kind or another. But one can easily live without expectation. It is optional. We may not have control over certain relationships, but we have full control over our expectations if we choose. For example, our relationship with the air we breathe is essential for living. We can never cut that umbilical cord and say we can do without air. The atmosphere will continue to exist without us but without it we cannot live. Even though the atmosphere “holds all the cards”, there is no expectation of a return favor. Life itself is a relationship between the living and dying. The survival of each cell depends on which way this relationship tilts. This relationship is taken for granted when one is healthy, as the work of maintaining life goes on automatically in the body and we continue to reap the benefits. Only when the body is sick, do we dive in to aid the the process of life through medicines and other interventions. 

Inner voice

Cultured shouts emanating from the shadows
Drowned by playful noises in concrete meadows
That shadowy voice doesn’t turn hoarse
It’s silent whispers carry immense force

It’s message is one of hope
As one makes it up a steep slope
That is the darkness within
Deep underneath one’s own skin

Intrepid explorers follow the faintest sound
That get’s louder when no one’s around
It offers a seat to rest on
The fortunate sit there waiting for dawn

Surprise package

The backstage curtain keeps hidden
Surprises that aren’t forbidden
If eyes can turn back
One may find them hidden in a sac

Tied by threads from a good life led
Everything else cornered by time, which has fled
Leaving one with the pouch protected by a knot
With its promises, remembrance of anything beyond is shot

An inventory isn’t kept
To do that it would take a trained adept
Who leads a good life by another measure
That does not tangle with sensory pleasure


A view so close to the sun comes with a price
An envelope holding life is the sacrifice
Bleached like an orphaned bone
It isn’t a temperate zone

Locked into a committed orbit
Mighty planets surrounding it prohibit
An escape to cooler reaches
Amongst the plush earth’s natural riches

In a race to nowhere
It’s circular path isn’t a stair
That a Roman deity can climb
To the tune of a song with an eternal rhyme


Evergreen trees, standing tall though a long slumber
Leaves looking for raindrops which they outnumber
Feeding a sea of green turns clouds bare
In our incubator, there’s always need for water and air

These cathedrals of the jungle are living proof
In the power of the silent, patiently raising rivulets of sap to the roof
Contrasting with the deluge from the skies
In its attempt to baptize

The testing ground for the fittest
Much in nature is a bequest
A crowning achievement, wish we’d all recognize
Would be so, if a seamless mind wasn’t balkanized

Elemental song

The elemental songs
Are forgiving of mankind’s wrongs
Nature’s unmoved by pursed lips that sing
Ballads to only those within a narrow ring

Innocence does not sting
There’s power behind the tears they bring
It’s uninterrupted joy
Cruelly stopped by the slightest selfish ploy

Ordinary ears can never overhear
What is easily heard by a seer
Only when thought is silenced
Is that reticence licenced

Carbonized reality

In this carbonized reality
Modernity has forsaken simplicity
Complicated lives aided by machines
Cannot easily survive without means

The silent majority, rest of the species
Cannot be said to be filled with deficiencies
Flowers in full bloom, birds soaring high
The illuminated dance of a fire fly

In every creature richness of life abounds
Whether or not they can articulate sounds
Mankind is the only victim
Of a self imposed dictum

Between clouds

Jumping from thought to thought, each a bubble
With scarcely any fear of a stumble
Some amongst them
Command others to stand as a stem

To fuel unrelenting growth
Sourcing energy from both
Body and mind
That the senses have intertwined

Into a fabric that’s worn
With age, much of it is shorn
Playing host to light and dark memory clouds
That cannot keep out unrelenting crowds