Monday, February 20, 2017

Consciousness: It can't be limited to words

If the material universe could be described in one word, it would be electromagnetism. This fundamental universal force, one of four, operates everywhere and its range is infinite from the smallest particle to the largest cosmic entity. Electromagnetic interactions give “life” to even matter that appears inert. In reality, everything is a dance of atoms in a vast electromagnetic field. This force is relevant not just in the macro universe that astronomers probe with powerful radio telescopes, but it is also the basis of our modern day “micro” universe of the internet powered by microchips. Computers have now become the lifeblood of our civilization. It is hard to imagine even one portion of our lives that is not directly or indirectly influenced by computers. In fact our waking consciousness is now getting more and more “computerized”; most people likely fall asleep with a screen in front of their eyes and wake up with one that may have the latest news or a social media posting waiting to be read. Bodily functions such as sight and hearing use a very small portion of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. The mind has potentially no limitations, it is also a form of energy. The body and the mind are linked through energy. There is an invisible transformer that converts mental energy into physical energy and vice versa.  The concept of consciousness may therefore be explored as energy.   

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A stich, in time... (Part 2/2)

Journeying through life is like riding on a magic carpet. Life magically happens without us asking or seeking it. All we can aim for and work towards is a pattern of weave that makes life a uniquely rewarding experience. Our innate tendencies determine how we keep that carpet; clean, dirty, protected, careless, well worn or unused. That carpet is nothing but the human body and the weave is the mind. A “mass produced life” in which we lock steps with the rest and follow the dictates of sensory experiences may give us a pleasant existence; but if we look deep within, there will be a silent longing for something more from life.