Saturday, April 19, 2014

A musical rose

A bed of roses
With fifty petals
A grand design
For every life divine

A symphony of sounds
Heard by tender ears
Cacophony of thoughts
Sadly drowns them out

A baton comes alive
Orchestrating energy into music
Instruments sing and dance
As the conductor calls their turn

A wall of silence
Sound proofs the inner realm
Black space insulates the moon
From the fireworks of our rejoicing world

Monday, April 7, 2014

Eyes that see the deep

An ancient sea
Not the blue you normally see
Shallow wavelets
Are out of its depth here

Tucked in the depths
Are not fish that slice through water
In a place as free as air
Sleepers are unwelcome on this sea bed

A divers paradise
If one forgets to breathe
Only the weightless may rise
Out of this bottomless sea

The pressure of a chase
To a happy reward
Fueled by thoughts
That float on pleasure and pain