Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thought = Matter x (Conciousness) or T= MC

We exist in an energy spectrum. This energy spectrum is manifested in the form of electromagnetic energy. The two aspects of electromagnetism are electricity and magnetism. These two components are interrelated and interchangeable. A strong electric field generates magnetism and a changing magnetic field generates electricity. The light by which we can see is a form of electromagnetic energy. Other examples of electromagnetic energy are X-rays, microwaves, radio waves and ultraviolet rays. Electromagnetism is a universal phenomenon and is responsible for a lot of what we see in daily life. As a cardiologist, I use this electromagnetic energy in the form of x-rays to diagnose and treat problems related to the heart.

Electromagnetism is also found in the cells and molecules of the human body. The force that keeps protons (positive charge) and electrons (negative charge) together is electromagnetic energy. Without this electromagnetic force that keeps protons and electrons within atoms, molecules cannot be formed. Without molecules, cells of the body cannot be formed. All humans start as a single celled organism and by the time we are fully formed adults, trillions of cells are working in harmony. The physical body is held together by this electromagnetic force.

In the human brain, each of the billions of cells called neurons produce tiny amounts of electricity. The brain as a whole is a storehouse of electricity produced by billions of neurons. We can detect this electricity by using a tool called electro encephalogram or EEG. Brain cells generate electricity by moving positively and negatively charged particles and creating a voltage gradient. The brain communicates with the body through a very complex and intricate network of nerves that reach every corner of the body. Through the network of nerves, the brain is able to “talk” to any part of the body. We are able to listen in on only a part of this conversation. The use of motor skills such as the ability to move our hands and legs, sensory perception through the five senses are some of the examples of this “brain talk” that we use on a day to day basis. There is far more going on behind the scenes which we don’t directly perceive such as functioning of the heart, respiratory system, circulation of blood and digestion.

If you look at all animate and inanimate objects, indeed everything in the physical universe outside of us, this same electromagnetic energy pervades everything. Matter exists due to the delicate balance between protons and electrons that exists in every atom of matter.

Our interactions with the world around us start with our thoughts. Thought is a form of energy. Using thought energy we mobilize this electromagnetic energy stored our brain cells and we are then able to command our bodies to do all our tasks including a simple task such as lifting a spoon. Modern science has not yet developed far enough to measure the energy associated with thought. We all know it exists. The proof of this is the many millions of thoughts that go through our mind on any given day. Thought energy is more subtle than electromagnetic energy. Using thought you can trigger a specific set of neurons in a specific part of the brain depending on what you want to do, ex. speech, movement etc. Modern neuro imaging techniques can visualize this neuronal activity.

Thought can travel faster than the speed of light and our thoughts can be at multiple places at the same instant. How is this possible? This is possible through the concept of consciousness. Consciousness is also awareness. We cannot physically be in two places at the same time, but there is nothing stopping us from thinking we are at multiple places at the same instant. For example, you are walking along a beach. Your physical body can only be at one place, you cannot be underwater and on dry land at the same time. In thought, you can be in both places instantaneously, and if you can be in both places simultaneously, it takes out the dimension of time. Light takes a certain amount of time to travel between two places. If your thought can be in two places at the same time, you can infer that thought can travel faster than light.

Consciousness or awareness is associated with thought. Consciousness or awareness also helps us interact with the external world (or matter). We perceive this interaction in the form of mental images or perceptions. All matter is composed of electromagnetic energy. Arrangement of atoms in different configurations creates the different forms of matter.

Within the confines of our physical bodies, thoughts influence electromagnetic energy and changes in electromagnetic energy influences our thoughts. A simple example to illustrate this point. Let’s say you want to mover your left hand. Once you generate that thought, neurons controlling the muscles in the left hand fire and this translates to movement in the left hand. Conversely, if you accidentally cut your hand, pain is perceived in the brain and is localized to the left hand. Injury to your hand triggers certain receptors called pain receptors that transmit this information through nerves back to the brain. Immediately you think of pain and your consciousness is then on the injured part.

One of our limitations as humans is that we cannot use our thoughts to mobilize or influence electromagnetic energy outside of the confines of our bodies. We have invented various gadgets such as cellphones to do this instead. Our thoughts are influenced by the electromagnetic energy that pervades matter in the world around us. This interaction with matter is our experiences in the world and these experiences are stored in our subconscious minds.

One of the reasons our thought power is limited is because the true potential of this energy is “locked up”. Everyday thoughts that help us live on a daily basis is a small reflection of the actual energy in our thoughts. If a simple thought can mobilize electromagnetic energy in our brain, imagine if you unlock the full power and potential of your thoughts.

This concept of the “hidden energy” in our thoughts can be considered on the same lines as Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2 (E is energy, m is mass, c is the speed of light in vacuum). This formula equates energy of an atom with its mass. Every atom has a tremendous amount of energy. His great insight was to propose that matter and energy are different forms of the same thing, that is mass and energy are interrelated and mass and energy is neither created or destroyed. According to Einstein’s formula, the amount of energy in one litre of water is equivalent to about 10 million gallons of gasoline. There is a big difference between what you can do with one litre of water and 10 million gallons of fuel. You can’t however, release this energy as you need to completely annihilate matter that is contained in a litre of water. This annihilation process requires an equal amount of antimatter. Antimatter exists but at the present time it is not possible to create enough of this to release all that energy.

Let’s try and apply the principle of the mass-energy conservation concept to thought energy and matter. We have a seemingly inexhaustible storehouse of thoughts. We interact with matter or the world around in the form of experiences. No two experiences are alike, and there can be endless variations. So thought and experiences derived from matter may be considered infinite quantities. In a way thought and matter derived experiences cannot be created or destroyed as long we are interacting with the world in the waking conscious state. In a waking conscious state, it is not possible to have a state of no thought. Thinking about nothing is also a thought. If we destroy one thought, another springs up to take its place. The same thing applies to experiences derived from interaction with the material world around us. As long as we are interacting with the world there has to be an experience, whether the experience is subtle or gross. In a conscious waking state, it is hard to say there is no thought or experience derived from interaction with matter. This argument starts breakdown when we enter the sub conscious or super conscious realms. That is an entirely different discussion.

Now, if we start to link thought energy and experiences derived from matter, the one constant is consciousness. Our thoughts are linked to our experiences and our experiences influence thought. In our lifetimes, we have infinite thoughts and infinite experiences. Thoughts and experiences are interchangeable. You cannot cannot have experience related to matter if some part of your consciousness is not associated with it. Furthermore, when we generate thoughts or as thoughts pass through your mind, a portion of your consciousness is associated with it. Consciousness links thought energy with experiences derived from matter. If you apply the constant, consciousness, to thought and matter, you get the formula

Thought = Matter x (consciousness) or T=MC

Using this simple formula, you can start to unlock the hidden energy in your thoughts. In a subsequent post, will explore the practical applications of this and techniques to increase the power and potential of thought energy.

to be continued...