Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Windy Trident

Circling high above in the cosmic breeze
As toiling winds below move not but a blade of grass
Too important to even push a cloud
God of the wind lamented on his only son

Unlike brown mountains that appear blue from afar
A windy world morphed from the heavens above
The hills and dusty plains to turquiose waters
The wind god aided the ebb and flow of all life divine

When an aging marble needs a new polish
Ancient rocks witness winds of change
The magic circle brings forth a new form
As the lunar new year melts limited time

Pride that fails is akin to wings of wax
Falling like Icarus in a tragic heat of flight
A mighty flaw that heeds no warning
The hubris of the wind god’s son!

He imagined himself a trident in the sky
Swooping down, mixing with winds of despair
No lesson is worthy enough
When all is known by one who does not know

Heavenly angels whispered in the wind
A worthy heir remained unseen
The future of the blue marble lay at stake
Conspiracies abound on sending him away

Banished from a comfortable perch
A dark cave the sole refuge
Still as an arrow lying in a quiver
He remained idle for three seasons and a day

As time would tell, there is no easy escape
An invisible tether tied to his every breath
A glorious past or a merciful future
Choices made would sway either way

Outside the cave, darkness despite light
Inside, hidden light in the void of darkness
When imagination is a futile pursuit
A lost legacy is worth reclaiming

A force within and a force without
The cord that binds will not part
Three lessons remained unlearnt
A soup of experience, but the taste unknown

A prison without walls, the cave must feel
Winds allowed entry must promise to leave
Friendly ties that break with remorseless ease
He must learn this and earn his pass

The torch of wisdom is a spark at first
Shedding a light that shows a fork
The road to the fork is common for all
Only the wise would choose a longer path

The downward path seems easy at first
Breaking the clasp of inertia, he finally stirred
As the stale air cast a lazy spell
A river below announced movement at last

The cave finally opened its heart
Soil so red it would color a sea
Restless waters take mud afar
He booked a berth on the first boat he saw

Churning with the rapids of the river in red
Creating desires as he went with the flow
Anger and passion would be his friends
As endless turns created a deeper mess

Joining the winds that sought to leave
Showed the way to the mouth of the cave
On leaving the soil that created life
The mirror of wisdom would shed its light

The upward trail as difficult as it seemed
Provided steady friends of peace and light
Ripe fruits of purity and balance
Fed the hunger of the weary trident

Up and down and side to side
The cave gave itself up at last
Still yet moving, piercing yet soft
Paradoxes that remained questions for long

Answers appeared as the gong went off
Time to pack was there for him
The three pointed spear merged into one
Each point had a tale to tell

Lessons learnt, the trident dropped his name
A moving stillness surrounded his lair
The light that shone was dazzling bright
God of the wind had opened his heart

-N. Seshadri