Thursday, March 26, 2015

A magnet's aura

The curtain to the backstage remains hidden by changing colors in the day
No such surprises at night, if only an owl could watch
Not many can turn their heads all the way back
Tethered by eyes seeking escape

From tight strings intertwined by constrictor knots
Windows given to us not large enough to feel the pulse
Of a good life that seems to quickly pass by
Reversing this entanglement is left for another existence

Like a magnet that never fails to attract
The doors to the storehouse will surely open
Circumstances flood in looking for the perfect fit
Easily claiming victims with tailor made sorrows and joys

The hapless mind runs out of shelves to store them all
Longing for change of careers, to one that offers a peaceful transition
From day to night, currently an effort laden enterprise
The scales weighing this don’t have atoms as building blocks

Iron filings trapped in a magnet’s aura we are
Feigning repulsion to the unity that defines gravity’s current
Greatest at the seat behind the revolving door
Through which all come and go, each given a key to stop the flow

Through a narrow spout that is guilty as charged
Of setting into motion an endless expansion
From a microscopic ameba to a giant nebula
Both unseen by a naked eye, only discovered by lenses made from sand

It’s greatest contribution isn’t monuments in a desert
But an interconnected world traveling at speeds
Threatening records set by a neuron based dispatcher
Living a life of incessant response, forgetting action and mastering reaction

The predominant dimension of the mind currently fostered
A perilous trench best left untrodden
When one can fly, why walk on all fours to the promised land?
Where the mind is still a seed that does not sprout

Every journeyman’s dream comes to fruition at least once
The stellar eye is a magnet of another kind
To a world behind the prism breaking up white light
Where the senses deemed enemies are denied entry

With the solar system for a parent
Which in turn is protected by a ring of ice and rock
There is little chance of danger from deeper space
Earthly brothers and sisters have little to worry

The link with our heavenly body goes deeper than soul’s blood
Full of iron, no wonder it is a magnet for life
Of the flock of nine birds, only one has the privilege of being a nest
Inviting us as guests, it is still a heaven many aspire for

It isn’t a prison full of sorrow or a joyful paradise
Those exist in the mind which is hard to trap
Spreading a blanket, the toys are displayed
Deceived by our eyes, these trinkets become larger than life

Forgetting the simplicity of an ameba, the mind once had
Complex worlds created for pleasure, bring pain
Coming from nothingness and going back
Is the essence of life

For those with a more complicated existence
This giant magnet holds them upright
Each one is lent a pot of dust to keep the dream alive
When the earth claims what it is owed, why cry over it?

We are not the custodians of anything but our intentions
Coalescing over time creating a magnetic attraction
Of a bundle of thoughts called the mind
At the expense of time, it may be undone

The law of gravity offers a timely aid
Smaller the size, less the force
The body is suited for the planet, not the mind
An aimless comet that we have captured for a time

Like those celestial vagabonds
The mind’s orbits are big or small
Following its tail, one could easily get lost
From the center of it all, the reticent soul

  • N. Seshadri