Saturday, September 12, 2015

Carbonized reality

In this carbonized reality
Modernity has forsaken simplicity
Complicated lives aided by machines
Cannot easily survive without means

The silent majority, rest of the species
Cannot be said to be filled with deficiencies
Flowers in full bloom, birds soaring high
The illuminated dance of a fire fly

In every creature richness of life abounds
Whether or not they can articulate sounds
Mankind is the only victim
Of a self imposed dictum

There isn’t a rule etched in the sky
That the only reality is what’s seen by the blind eye
Advancing knowledge of molecular detail
Will ultimately reach the veil

The most sophisticated lens cannot penetrate
That knowledge, the eternal doesn’t easily disseminate
For us to discover
There is much to be had if one can uncover

By lifting a hard to find lid at the bottom
Of the mind, or for scientists it is the atom
The investigation will relentlessly proceed
If one can actively plead

With a volcano spewing endless plumes of thought
Each casting a giant blind spot
To pause for a moment
For even a fleeting glimpse would cement

Faith in the ladder
That’s only being used to shoulder
The gross, and not the subtle
Who's at fault when mankind has decided to settle?

For gifts he cannot depart with
Clinging on as if death is a myth
But it is hard to think otherwise
And fight the illusion of a great compromise

When the earth has been sold by the cosmos for a song
There isn’t another world for us to belong
Other than this carbonized reality
The seat of divisive duality

Arguing about mine and thine
Which can never be settled in a brick shrine
Unless the missing parts that make the whole
Are sought in one’s mind and not a scroll

Along with the gift of carbon based life
Comes the curse of war and strife
Other forms of carbon mutely watch
Humans creatively botch

The perfect springboard
To the ultimate reward
It isn’t far away
If one decides, it can be had without a delay

In a space without matter
If one is able to make thought permanently scatter
Not through fear
But deep understanding that comes to bear

We are not an isolated planet
And not the only ones bound by a cosmic martinet
Diamonds sparkle, so do our eyes
Carbonized forms, each in a different guise

One longs for the other
Sending arms and legs hither thither
Even when it finally rests on one’s finger
Thoughts about acquiring more linger

Broken down to simpler parts
False understanding departs
Everyone’s made of the same shell
It is hard to get the mind to fully dwell

When it’s a conditioned observer from the get go
Its foray into the carbonized reality will not reverse or slow
Hurtling down a one way street
Accumulating a giant fleet

Of thoughts, which make carbonized life seem real
Any thought of leaving it, results in a terrified squeal
Reverberating through the mind, down to its foundation
But not enough to propel one to salvation

Which can be fully enjoyed while in this carbonized reality
If only one can jettison the notion of duality
Graphite and diamond take forms
When the same carbon transforms

It’s name, lost in the new creation
Has the power to evoke a sensation
In the mind which isn’t pinned
Floating aimlessly like paper in a blustery wind

Beyond the atom
Carbonized reality is a phantom
Living on the dark side of matter
True knowledge doesn’t come on a platter

  • N. Seshadri