Sunday, October 11, 2015

The march

Marching with a mind full of our creations
Sourced from unbridled temptations
The earth has never been so overrun
By humans who have failed to overcome

Even the simplest test
To put the mind at rest
Consciousness has morphed, like a bee
That has lost its taste for nectar from the inner tree

The hive’s hidden within
Right under our own skin
It may seem natural for thoughts to fly
But quickly shedding wings under the gaze of the inner eye

Which is seldom open
For good measure, the populace have broken
Treaties, promises and the like
Disregarding borders, most think alike

Stamping authority on a body that’s so puny
Trying to preserve it as a thing of beauty
Mesmerized by the thoughts of more
One forgets to keep score

As the battle within rages
Not a pause at each of life’s many stages
How may the mind be rested?
And what’s within fully vetted

Before the leader is chosen
To lead the search for the hive that’s ambrosian
It’s like a tavern, it’s doors will never close
Waiting for the one who fully knows

The complete succor it brings
Which has eluded even kings
Drunk with the thought of power
They can never fully scour

The darkness that descends
On a mind that pretends
A march away from desire
While thoughts sing otherwise, in a choir

A melody that is always in tune
With the past or the future, which always commune
An enviable unity
That has enslaved our community

Fostering the decadent
Amongst thoughts, poisoning the present
Trapping the mind in a vicious loop
Making it the biggest dupe

Thriving within our confines
And it ultimately defines
The story of who we are
Running like a deep scar

Through generations upon generations
Setting up ever greater expectations
Widening the rift
Leaving humankind forever adrift

In an imaginary sea
Where one can never be free
It isn’t easy to leave this quagmire
When so much has been invested in each one’s empire

Why would anyone care for their creations?
They are little more than mind’s convoluted sensations
Their permutations are endless
Making one totally careless

About the passage of time
That isn’t a victimless crime
The chance to absolve
May forever be dissolved

To put the mind at ease
So it may share those hidden keys
To find the answers
That have come naturally to those masters

Who have aced every test
And scaled humility’s crest
They cannot drag us through their steps
And away from our egregious missteps

In time, earthlings may find
The ruler amongst the blind
Does not occupy a gilded throne
But a place that’s closer to home

Somewhere between the heart and mind
Where freedom’s treaty is finally signed
It’s a hard won agreement that’s immune to fatigue
Ones who willingly sign avoid tiresome worldly intrigue

Their marching mind fully spent
Ending the revolt of thoughtless discontent
They are lost in freedom’s vast expanse
Finally regaining state of eternal trance

  • N.Seshadri