Friday, January 15, 2016

Flexible and inflexible

The body is held up by the inflexible, at its core

It is just a skeleton, a sight that invokes great fear, but without it

The soft gaze of the eyes cannot peer into those of the beloved

Bones soften with age, but the mind does otherwise

It is a cloud hanging over the body, hiding the vast sky beyond

Those with flexible commitments to desires, may get a glimpse

No matter how dark a cloud, it cannot blot out the light of the sun

Unless the sun chooses otherwise, but why would it?

It’s inflexible schedule makes it an old faithful, shining down and baking

Our hard physical reality, conforming to the laws of life, and not our taste

The mind can be made flexible, whether it showers happiness or sorrow

How we choose to live life is flexible, but the consequences are inflexible