Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Soul of a Tree

There isn’t an heir to this world of air
Beings spring alive in vacuum’s void
Every breath, a treasure taken for granted
Yearning for a heaven, the golden world is ignored

Eyes are kissed by an invisible breeze
The soul of all life hides from curious eyes
Making an entrance in the breath of life
To this wealthy merchant, every mortal is an equal

The cycle of life is orchestrated fun
In the mind’s world, that concept’s rare
A creative realm, can be a devil’s lair
Laced with joy, it unlocks heaven’s gate

A dejected mind is on a lonely run
Like a solitary tree on a balding hill
Even an army of weeds would be welcome here
Brittle as a stick in winter, this mind hopes for a blossom in spring

A happy mind names sunshine as a friend
Like a meadow of flowers, it carpets the valley of life
A mental beehive, sweet thoughts buzz like bees
Seeds of joy are scattered in the humming breeze

A valuable clue may be hidden in a stack of books
These lost words are tiny drops in the alphabet soup
A book’s cover may hide the author’s thought
It’s invisible, but wisdom is always there

A tree gives up its fruits without care
The soul of a tree hides in the seeds that spread far and wide
Fruit of a man’s labor is locked in a keyless vault
The mind imagines it’s the key to the soul of man

A land that’s home, has a blue heaven for a roof
Turning in a circle for an eternal time
A ball of mud, supports forests and man
Every soul in this crowd has a space of its own

An artist’s design, written in paint
The canvas hides under colored strokes
Collage of our faces will see a change
Like a portrait that ages well with time

A revolution on earth may change generations to come
In endless space, it changes night to day
The soul is a witness that silently waits
When thoughts turn, hoping for progress to be made

A tree appears still, hiding rivulets of sap
A man in motion forsakes inner stillness
When a restless mind meets creative will
It is seen as a growing power standing steady as a tree

The soul awakens in the depth of sleep
When the eyes are closed, this sight is missed
A tree is still even as it stands
A meditative stance is the hallmark of soul

If a tree could talk, what tales it would tell
A silent pillar in the garden of life
Only wind can coax a sound from it
Rustling leaves speak an unknown tongue

If a tree could walk, it would visit a desert
A living canopy of a natural shade
Taking heat while remaining cool
Even a woodcutter's axe would be welcome to rest

If a tree could see, it would see one world and an open sky
In this leafy dream, all would be alive and well
If leaves were eyes, there would be countless witnesses
With such a conscience, there wouldn’t be trouble on the globe

If a tree could hear, it would appreciate nature’s songs
Cheerful melody coming from grateful birds
A chirpy start that wipes the morning blues
If leaves are ears, everything would be heard

The senses of man have mastered this art
Five skills that create an unique blend
Setting every mind alight, creating a city of contingent joy
Ringed by a wilderness where no other roads can pass

The soul speaks in a silent voice
The noisy mind drowns this call
The interlude of sleep may tell them apart
For a petulant child, slumber may be the way

The soul can walk taking life with it
It chooses not and stays with us
The mind can’t walk, but it tries to fly
When it is forced to sit, it complains a lot

A water molecule is the same in a sea or a cup
One can see water but not atoms within
Bonds are tight in this invisible world
Bonding of souls creates a golden world

- N Seshadri