Thursday, November 28, 2013


A day of remembrance and gratitude is here
For a bountiful harvest in the year that passed
Everybody partakes in a hearty feast
Banishing hunger is a noble goal

The body of man is fed by grain from the land
The power to give back lies within the mind
A detached witness cannot force its hand
A starving soul lives with a mind that does not share

Ingredients for the feast are assembled with care
The gift of fire helps a cook display his tricks
A spread that fills is gladly shared
Everyday is an opportunity to care

Once the body is fed, the mind comes next
A photograph once taken may never be forgotten
Each thought can be made a thankyou card
The tongue that tastes food can give something too

The mind never starves on a diet of thoughts
Giving thanks today, share the good and not the bad
The calendar of the mind can be reset any day of the month
And a fresh start can be made on the spot

The beauty of the mind can only be seen from far
Proximity creates a friction that burns
In a distance, even a thundering waterfall appear as a misty cloud
Easier to change the vantage point than the mind itself

Appeal to the mind in a thankful tone
The mind is a mould that can be shaped with love
Thanking it for all the good it does
One will ultimately see peace at dusk

A harsh critic makes for a difficult friend
This friendship’s worth more than it sounds
The mind could be a critical companion
Evaluate choices with a pundit’s eye

Mind is not grateful for the company it has
Forgetting its friends it seeks the distant stars
It is a vital aid in keeping this game in play
A teaching forgotten every thankful day

A sunset dinner on a sandy beach
The eyes glint in the setting sun
An aura of fireflies around the collected guests
Signals a sumptuous repast for the noblest of men

A dream is one that devours the mind itself
Turning itself into a real existence
Even a sapient mind will become a victim to this
Morning eyes will be thankful for another sight

As the day unfolds, the mind dances the turkey trot
A tired mind will become an obedient guest
Stuff it with thoughts that are salutary to health
A thankful heart will then spread its wares

A forgiving mind can never be missed in the dark
Here’s where the soul would shine a light
A graceful benediction that sanctifies the heart
This would be missed by one who forgets to give

The body and mind are a house of prayer
Every belief is welcome here
Who’s to judge who’s right and wrong
Everything must acquiesce to the breath that goes in and out

The body may do without food but not water
The mind can do without thoughts but not knowledge
The world can do without hate but not love
The soul can do without wealth but not a grateful heart

A cloud that holds water cannot be caught
An anchorless mist that flies above
The mind holds thoughts and we are bound by them
A ball and chain whether it is joy or pain

Famine of thought precedes the birth of knowledge
A feast of joy that keeps one always full
All bodies and minds are seen as one
Who would you thank when this state is won?

- N Seshadri