Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mindful of Desires

Quenching the flow of desire may be a thirsty effort
Dousing the mind’s fire brings joy without end
Thoughts are tethered by invisible threads
Every desire is a puppeteer that unsettles the mind

A remote planet can be seen but not touched
Desires twinkle like stars, too many to name
A distant light triggers a cascade of memories
Commanding a price paid through sleepless nights

A desireless mind gives more that we can take
Like a land that gets plundered over time
Even a mind of gold becomes a barren mine
When the mind touches the forbidden gem

A life of wealth may be a coveted path
Soft as a rainbow but is prickly as a thorn
A bed of nails for a dreaming mind
While the wealth of life lives free under open sky

The ocean of life offers salty treats
Creating an eternal thirst for something else
A hidden oasis has waters that are fresh
Promptly rejected as a mirage in this worldly trek

If desires are bad, why are they there?
In a metered world, everything is timed
When the clocks run out, will desires unwind?
The spool of images may be a story for another life

The body seeks quality rest
The mind will not rest until quantities are met
Character of the mind is its only wealth
A robust body is worth more than an affluent state

The pressure is great when diving to an immense depth
Rarefied air is liberating on a mountain top
Unnatural states for the average kind
Rare is the desire that liberates the mind

A book of desires may be written well
Unopened, it will continue to age on the shelf
The script is the same even if the plot may change
The mind likes it, once it’s read

The color of the sky appears to run when day becomes night
The light of joy alternates with dark misery
A fact of life one cannot fight
When the world is sought, it is an alternate to truth

A rope that binds depends on a knot
Knotty problems exist in this worldly well
The walls are slippery and steep
A knot becomes a foothold on the upward climb

Minuses become pluses when they cross a good line
These storylines can easily be missed
Inspiring thoughts can negate the furrows of desire
Filling the creases in the temple of the mind

The bodily growth is a wondrous show
This play runs from dawn until dusk
The mind will not grow unless we desire so
Sprouting thoughts rise with a positive nudge

A mind full of desires resembles a pot that’s full
A heavy load that requires a balancing act
Watchful thoughts lighten the weight
Lifting downcast eyes to the road ahead

A cup is always full
If not water, it is air
A mind that is drained of joy
Is easily filled with poisonous desire

Some desires are like runaway clouds
Only a mountain can touch this billowing puff
An uncertain expedition into a foggy unknown
An overcast mind dislikes this course

A bucket that never overflows has a hidden hole
Desires leak from an imaginary cauldron
Images fill the mind to plug this drip
This bodily cask has eyes that witness this

An energetic sprint is faster in depleted wind
A gust of desire is tailed by a mind that runs
Five legs give the mind a running start
Expending all joy on effervescent thoughts

A big forest may be traversed through a narrow trail
A flashlight in hand keeps wild spectators at bay
Every intelligent thought is a brick that paves the way
This road less travelled is surely the way

The physical eyes are locked on a road just ahead
Fictional eyes unlock desires from a long gone past
Handy tentacles reach a future realm
A stretched mind is under a desire’s spell

A temporary stage surrounded by a gallery of stars
A lifetime is long, but this chance may be forever gone
The spotlight of the sun illuminates the stage
A moonlit phase allows the mind to play

The mind swells in the sea of desire
The lifeboat navigates around a stormy cape
Scrambling to dry land of aspiring dreams
Joy surfaces in the depth of sleep

A few miles up or a few miles down
The mind will see an alien land
A desire to live trumps them all
Reinforcing attachment to daily life

The body finds temporary reprieve on a feathery bed
The bed of desires promises endless rest
A satiated body closes its eyes falls asleep
While the mind comes alive to feast

Off course in a desert without a map
Wishful thinking, but grains of sand will not run out
Mind is like a camel that stores on its back
A temporary ally when it provides comforting thoughts

The mind can be a desert with grainy thoughts
Carrying a hump of desire, one roams near and far
An infinite storehouse that never runs out
Why add to the pile when it is already big

Leaves on a tree face the sun
In a forested mind, a wish fulfilling tree has nowhere to turn
In the orbit of the senses, eyes shine bright
Desires are blind, but they seize the lead

A narrow trail carved on a mountain side
A natural feature well traversed
Some go up, others lead down
In a mind well mapped, there are many such desirous trails

In the beginning, the utility of desire underwrites life
At the end, the futility of desire overwhelms the mind
The knowledge of both is a safe lifeboat
Increasing the buoyancy of life, joy then rises to the top

In the world of numbers, everything follows one
Zero is something or nothing depending on where its placed
In worldly pursuits, many seek to be second to none
The value of desires diminish when we’re close to the inner one

When one multiplies becoming many
Be prepared to make room for infinity
Billions of galaxies have one spiral pattern
Each desire may have a million designs

A tiny spot turned into mass and time
Unknown are the reasons behind this phenomenon
Within one universal existence
Some desires are easily born, never to die

A desire to exist permeates everything in sight
A drop of this multiplies in the mind
Creating impressions in the waxing mind
A waning thought of oneness dissolves in endless desire

Follow each desire to the root, not fruit
Roots grow to where the water flows
A compassionate flow ceases it growth
Where fruits don’t grow, seeds don’t sprout