Saturday, February 6, 2016

Evolution and revolution

The outcome of the slow crawl of evolution, our body

Can only take us so far, fragile and needy, losing head to head

Matchups in the wild, more than made up by another gift, the mind

It has picked us up from a dead end road of evolution, time will not

Let us see what’s ahead for the body, perhaps nothing more

We will never know, the mind may be entered when the body is forgotten

It has taken over the world through a revolution, the spoils have made

The mind supreme, it’s agent has been embedded within us all

The ego, any thought of revolt sparks a quick reprisal, with no way out

Of the mind, we are forced to retreat to the body, a sinking ship

We are unjustly imprisoned by the mind, it can be overthrown by a revolution

Which may be plotted from these very confines, what we call the pinnacle of evolution