Saturday, February 6, 2016

Inner and outer

The garment, simple at first, becomes more intricate

With each passing day, encrusted with gems that can only be seen in dreams

Making it appear grander, and not content to just cover one’s back

It spills into the world, the outer, whose development

Has been fastidiously fostered, the baton has never been dropped

In recorded history, while the inner lays undeveloped, harking of an age

When stone was gold, those who persevere within are exalted

As superhumans, improving the outer is easy when there is collective will

Of which there isn’t a shortage, the work performed outside brings

Enjoyment within, but cannot reveal the inner, it is a lonesome task

When that’s done, one discovers what it is to be a true human

The one who has cast off the garment dividing the outer and the inner