Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sea and land

Worlds apart, life on sea and land, the balance kept in check

By nature, through its emissaries, big and small, except mankind

Seeking to rule over laws, nature has evolved, not just for us

But all life, what have we gained by tilting scales, in our favor?

Greed remains unsated, unpredictable skies open up

Without warning, parched lips are made to suffer, another season

Nature’s natural barriers are hard to transcend, without the aid

Of our inventions, those are of little use, in parting the waters

Keeping our mind afloat, the boundaries are distinct

Like that between sea and land, the inner waters will remain untouched

As long as we cling on to our creations, they help us rule on land,

Not in the sea that matters, where only those naked as fish can swim