Saturday, March 19, 2016

Thick and thin

As our civilization ages, thick forests give way to a balding landscape

Whose shifting sands are as fickle as the thin clouds above, we call

A permanent home, sandwiched between rock and dirt

Miles deep, a thick wall, impenetrable to the eye, its secrets

Can only be imagined, and air, that covers even the tallest mountains

Transparent as glass, and thin enough for our eyes to see the heavens

In every direction, life dances, its delicate threads pulled by our needs

And wants, which fray with time, our friend through thick and thin

Weaving an eventful life, for the grandest and the most insignificant

Amongst thoughts, they create a thick foundation, on which the thin

And delicate ego rests, unable to dig through the depths

Or see beyond the thick walls of the universe of its own making