Monday, April 10, 2017


Footsteps reflect this orb’s many moods
From hardened stone, to swampy softness
Whether we tread heavy or light
Only fossilized footprints may last

The weight of our aura
A leady burden, or feathery freedom
It’s tears invisible, smile unseeable
Tethered to the old faithful, two bony feet

Propelled by weary sinews
Coordinated destinies mirror earth and moon
Even if one foot is ashen, and the other green
The weight of the ego sinks, equally in our footsteps

Elephant like, beating down mercilessly
On dust that has settled into a solid marble
The rug may be pulled any second
Many footsteps will disappear at the next opportune wave

Engrossed in race around the sun
The earth, has graciously ceded ground
To feet, that may waddle or shuffle
A journey inevitable as the daily sunset

From man’s first footstep to the last
There isn’t space, in earth’s memory
Unless one amongst us
Leaves a footprint on the sky or sea

  • N. Seshadri