Sunday, April 16, 2017


Clouds, they see it all
Changing dregs and desires
Of civilizations that come and go
And the beauty of nature’s seasonal outfits

Painted by brush strokes of wind and air
Every cloud is a new piece, of nature’s art
Missed by eyes that are soaked in logic
Which can’t explain the mind, eternally clouded in reason

Clouds, power to block the sun
Yet powerless to hold off invisible drafts
They are the lesser sky, unlike earth’s great blue vest
Indifferent to the gaze of eyes, fossilized or real

These oceans of the sky
Empathetic to the pleas of parched bark and beaks
Only human run for shelter
The rest, welcome the healing touch of every drop

The fog of thoughts, rain down without mercy
Created by our own breath
That huffs to keep pace with the train of desire
Overloaded cabins of consequences can only follow

Myriad tracks bolted into the mind
Are the keeper of habits, making the journey closeted
While our eyes envy the freedom, of clouds
And space which only our boisterous rockets can reach