Sunday, November 15, 2015

A free miracle

Life is a great miracle
Nothing else is comparable
It’s free for anyone to use
As they may choose

That freedom carries a price
It is not a random roll of dice
Carefully laid out in advance
Nothing is left to chance

It may appear so
But not to those in the know
They can identify the seeds
That sprout from one’s deeds

Not just with the hands
But also from thoughts in the mind’s hinterlands
They go where the feet cannot easily reach
Into the realm of free speech

None can be denied
The right to think as one may decide
That miracle is greatly misused
By mischief mongers who cannot be excused

Trampling on a way of life
Full of peace and without strife
Each one can be the cradle of creativity
If we can douse the blaze of negativity

Compassion among fellow citizenry
Helps one another overcome any difficulty
Everyone is in the running
But life isn’t a race, there’s more to it than winning

Thought is a collective voice
Of each individual’s right of free choice
Before the ladder is withdrawn
One must strive to see the light of dawn

That illuminates this miracle
Which has always been visible
Blinded by ignorance
The mind yearns for another romance

Whose fire burns this gift
Chiefly though the aegis of rift
The flesh is made to suffer
When one fails to discover

The source of this miracle
That cannot be divined by any oracle
Present in every fiber of life’s fabric
How it hides itself in plain sight is true magic

Woven into every thought, word and deed
Rising high above any creed
Whether noble or destructive
It’s perfume is addictive

Each an embodiment of that great power
Morphing into everything, from a thorn to a flower
We are granted a lighter version
A freedom to fashion thought without coercion

Every mind can be the hotbed of creativity
If freed from well organized captivity
Over centuries, thoughts have been kneaded and baked
Satisfying hunger, but a deep thirst can’t be slaked

There is an eternal mist
Which cannot be easily dismissed
It creates a cloud of suspicion
Breaking down the human coalition

In division there is hate and a fall
Becoming easy to predict the future to befall
Full of death and gore
There is no escaping war

We hold the keys
To a destiny of great ease
This miracle of life isn’t about to stop
All we need is for the thoughts to swap

The pull of evil for the scent of the good
For this miracle to go on, we need brotherhood
We come alone
With a heart that isn’t made of stone

There isn't much expected
Except to let this miracle unfold as intended
When free will and righteousness are synonymous
There’s a free pass into the stream of consciousness

Where each earthly worker
Can witness the inner workings of the miracle maker
The journey is free
It is easier than crossing the sea

By wholeheartedly embracing this miracle
We are let into the soul’s inner circle
Where there is neither discussion or plotting
But yet another free miracle in the making

  • N. Seshadri