Sunday, November 8, 2015

Soul song

The mysteries of the black hole
Parallel that of the soul
Both invisible to the naked eye
Forming the center of the outer and inner sky

The nucleus of who we are
Is difficult to divine from a star
But deep within
There is a miniature twin

Seen in the depths of silence
That’s maintained with great resilience
One wakes up to an hitherto unknown realm
Of the deepest peace, which is sure to whelm

Only then are the secrets let out
They destroy every doubt
It’s the start of a new inning
In the stream of eternity with no beginning

We expect the soul to have a form
Why would it follow our imaginary norm?
Hidden in plain sight
It is a witness to every wrong and right

It does not show up only on judgement day
It isn’t a common lay away
The soul is a tonic that never runs dry
Residing in every living cell as a spy

The pull becomes irresistible
When the senses perceive everything as beautiful
Life’s no more a soul crushing adventure
Until time releases us from this indenture

It is the essential element of our being
Even more vital than breathing
Yet hardly anyone cares to investigate
Perhaps that’s why it’s hard to authenticate

Like a satellite in orbit in blackened space
It is a witness to all the follies of our race
We are true rebels amongst the species of nature
We have the monopoly, there isn’t another talking creature

No one cries to the soul for feedback
Living in the contemporary, it isn’t prone to a flashback
With neither lips nor eyes
It has mastered the ultimate disguise

The mind is blissfully unaware
More so at moments of great despair
About the power within its grasp
If only it had hands that could reach out and clasp

The soul’s powerful voice has been silenced
That does not mean it's fallen
It resides at the pinnacle of patience
That's where we make its acquaintance

In the soul’s shadow matter thrives
Indirectly it is an indispensable part of our lives
It cannot be stained
By our emotions, whether unrestrained or tamed

The searchlight is pointed out
But the soul’s never out and about
Where it may easily be spotted
Instead it hides in a secret closet

The only hope of reaching there
Is to wade through the mind and lay it bare
Just out of the mind’s reach
One may hear the soul’s long awaited speech

Permitting us to enjoy matter
As long as we don’t act with swagger
The lights will one day dim
We’d be lost if we didn’t recognize the soul’s hymn

All the cells hum to the beat of that song
It makes the atoms of our being get along
If only the thoughts could be similarly coerced
All troubles may be reversed

The beauty of life lies in permanence
That’s not the product of the mind’s turbulence
Which ceases when the crimson river abates
Before then, the soul’s song may take us to higher states

When all work becomes soul centered
The eye of the black hole within may be entered
The doer becomes the witness
Who is bathed in eternal stillness

  • N. Seshadri