Sunday, November 15, 2015


Opportunities return repackaged
When we are fully engaged
It takes practice to fully tune
Into the moments that are opportune

Many miss the first chance
There isn’t a clue given in advance
The journey is many miles long
There will be opportunities as we journey along

Walk, swim or fly
There’s a rule all creatures have to live by
This jaunt is in sync with time
Nothing may step out of that line

Life’s a giant ferris wheel
What rises may fall, but don’t not lose the zeal
Opportunities follow any deep interest
Attracted to those who are earnest

Everything may be turned into gain
No attempt goes in vain
If one does not live for a reward
And the world’s applause

Which is finicky as lady luck
With whom the world’s love struck
She may offer finite securities
But cannot create new opportunities

We hold all those cards
If only we act on mind’s unspoken words
Hard work is the basis
For creating an oasis

Full of opportunities, opening doors
That may end the world’s wars
The restless should be loved and engaged
The world’s in danger when they are enraged

Opportunity is the mother of all human creations
To be shared amongst all, not just close relations
The young of the world have the energy
What’s missing is peaceful synergy

Talent cannot be bound
When the right opportunity is found
The world needs such a rain
Only then may evil be slain

When the sky showers bombs
It destroys creativity’s tender wombs
Living in fear, great opportunities may be missed
To nurture unknown geniuses in our midst

The juggernaut of inventions cannot be stopped
When the world is fully stocked
With love and peace
For any opportunity to flower, it needs that grease

A better world is what the majority seek
Full of opportunities for both the strong and weak
When the list of contributions to come is endless
There would be none left helpless

Hand in hand we can form a circle
Easily overcoming any hurdle
Living in harmony becomes a reality
Putting an end to senseless brutality

The evil seek opportunities just as the good do
Theirs must not be allowed to accrue
A sure way to stop terror
Is to get evildoers to gaze deep into a mirror

Opportunities abound
For burying our differences underground
Time is of the essence
Before our way of life is forced into obsolescence

Only a few will understand before the circle of life is complete
Choosing to remain silent, respecting the need to be discreet
Playful at heart, they reap the greatest reward
For they are yet to be scarred

As they dig through circumstances with delicate shovels
Equally embracing both opportunities and troubles
Which are the brick and mortar
Of a mind that is made to order

It is soft as putty at birth
It can be stretched to fit any girth
Before the mind dries
It must be coaxed to aim for the skies

With each passing day
Opportunities ebb away
It’s a matter of time before the final one is lost
The world may not be able to bear that cost

  • N. Seshadri