Sunday, November 22, 2015

String of pearls

It comes one second at a time
Strung like pearls in a long line
Each one so precious
Those who value it are left breathless

Jewels hiding in plain sight
They melt away like candle light
Unless we turn this brief tryst
Into greatness that cannot be dismissed

Leveling the playing field
Whether poor or well heeled
Each is gifted the same time
Whatever maybe one’s pastime

Time’s beauty is best seen from afar
It carries light from a distant star
Its origins are mysterious
That inquiry isn’t for the superstitious

Who give into fear of the future
By forgetting to nurture
The precious seconds
Of the fast receding present

That travels down a one way street
To the past, which is as dead as concrete
By keeping the present well lit
One opens a toolkit

Which hides a key
Unlocking chains of dogmatic decree
Misinterpreted stories of the past
Which have the power to outlast

Its current proponents
And it is passed onto their descendents
Who may aim to cut and destroy
The string of pearls that brings man great joy

That joy isn’t found anywhere but here
The wise cherish it before we all disappear
It is a worthwhile gift to leave behind
They are precious gems that don’t need to be mined

By gouging and scarring the landscape
Which will take forever to return, back to shipshape
We must tread lightly, leaving no footprints behind
Knowing fully well, everything is consigned

When there is no claim of ownership
The string of pearls will not break or rip
Our bodies could be displays that are adorned
With those jewels, without fear of being robbed or harmed

Each pearl is a blank page
Better left empty, than to burn it with rage
It comes from a timeless mother oyster
Who has enveloped us with life giving moisture

By patiently stringing each pearl
The flag of timelessness will slowly unfurl
Fluttering high in the winds of bliss
A sight that would be hard to miss

Whether it is a pearl or a pebble
There’s no place for them in the inner temple
It is devoid of everything but light
Bathing in it is everyone's birthright

Which is given up without a fight
As we settle for a lesser delight
Finite as the number of pearls on a necklace
How could one be so reckless?

If every moment is handled with great care
The string of pearls will not show any wear
It’s beauty can only be enhanced
As the clock hands are slowly advanced

Each moment is the only jewel that matters
When cared for, the future is never in tatters
Everything is in sync with the present
Except the mind which is habitually absent

Busy stringing its own gems
Forgetting it is limited by the hems
Of finite time
Which melts one’s prime

Few see the urgency
To work tirelessly
Before the pearls are reclaimed
By a tide that cannot be constrained

Leveling the sand castles
That have hosted all our battles
The string holding momentary pearls is endless
It cannot be tied up in an individual necklace

  • N. Seshadri