Sunday, November 15, 2015


Seeking answers in silence
Will put an end to senseless violence
When there isn’t anyone to grapple with
The world may be put aside as a myth

Reigniting the passion
To live life to full abandon
Everyday is a celebration
When thoughts have ceased flirtation

With the constant quest for answers
Which have been held back, by the masters
They are willing to freely dispense
But few attach value, unless there is an expense

Everything free is readily accepted
Except good advice, it is quickly rejected
Unless couched as a gain
It will be treated with disdain

The answer to life’s maladies
Has been talked about for centuries
Every prophet there ever was
Has worked on this worthy cause

Positioning life as a game, also promising profit
Told different ways by every prophet
As a clever ruse to teach
The practicality of what they preach

It has sadly morphed into a more serious business
The first to leave has been forgiveness
Sin has become nebulous
The mind refuses to admit it as evidence

Of a search gone awry
Lost in the chase of the sundry
Answers have become questions
That surreptitiously stoke tensions

That will not abate
As long as there is a locked gate
To a world yet to be known
Which is a sense-free zone

Where there is a constant deluge
Offering a safe refuge
Full of answers, coated with understanding
Revealing the higher mind, that’s ever expanding

That mind is beyond thought, in total silence
Where one may hear words dripping with guidance
Leading away from the ordinary
Into the thrilling realm of the extraordinary

Wherever this may be found
Becomes hallowed ground
To undertake this pilgrimage
One must reject every image

Branded in by memory's language
Those pictures extract a heavy tankage
Offering little in return
But few harbor this concern

Content with their meagre lot
Which they imagine anything but naught
In such a transitory existence
Answers remain at a distance

Fueled by a constant thirst
For answers, one becomes well versed
With the mind’s trickery
It’s laid bare by even a little enquiry

Meditative or not
Old habits must be fought
Being always aware, at the start of the battle
Thoughts are set aside like worthless chattle

Their roots hide deep within like tiny thorns
Not always visible like a bull’s horns
Giving into its trickery
We are pulled ever deeper into memory

Not a place where true answers lie
Shaking that barren memory tree
Even with great hue and cry
Truth can never be set free

It has been completely shred
Like fragments of gold on a river bed
When it is no longer mind’s prized jewellery
Life becomes a wasted opportunity

Days and nights are fast receding
They are forever gone, even if worth repeating
Those with the answers are always celebrating
While others see the coming end as devastating

Life’s every twist and turn
Is rich with answers that can easily burn
The chaff of ignorance
Leaving behind a state of brilliance

It can only be divined in utter silence
Holding one’s attention like a priceless diamond
When there are no more questions to be answered
One is gifted life’s master password

  • N. Seshadri